Route LONG

2 June 2024
110 km | 2500 m+ | 10 h
departure: 7.00 - 9.00 am

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With almost 30 kilometres of unpaved road, the long GeoGravel Tuscany route is a romantic challenge between Mother Nature and her daredevil explorers. The entire route is easy to ride, and the only difficulties are dictated by some sloping sections or by the road surface, which can be gravel in places. Among the grey roads that cross the hinterland towards the sea, the route runs through  several nature reserves and a large part of the most unexplored territory in the Val di Cecina. 

The turning point of this adventure is undoubtedly Bolgheri, a worldwide reference point for Tuscan culture and excellent wine such as Ornellaia and Sassicaia. The ancient village, sung by the poet Giosuè Carducci, develops around a medieval castle surrounded by vineyards and is a privileged spot for a tasty break between one dirt track and another. Ten hours in the saddle to reconnect with the most authentic part of one's nature, amidst the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and the salty air coming from the sea.

The route

Starting from Pomarance, the long route of GeoGravel Tuscany 2024 has the first part of the route in common with the short- and medium-distance ones. Unfolding among fields and ancient farmhouses, it begins to climb towards Libbiano with a winding road where to enjoy pleasant views of the landscape on the hills below. Then we venture into the Monterufoli - Caselli Nature Reserve via gravel paths akin to the gravel spirit that continue for kilometres in the middle of the wilderness. After this spell away from civilisation, we arrive at Querceto, the perfect village to stop for a break, enjoy the scenery and sample some local specialities. Through a long scenic descent amid postcard-perfect landscapes, you then return to the provincial road, but only to take another long and enchanting dirt road towards Bibbona that runs through the Magona Nature Reserve. Once you reach this village with its medieval history, where you can already breathe the salty air coming from the Tyrrhenian Sea, you first continue to the Etruscan Coast with the sea in the background, then up the cypress-lined avenue towards Bolgheri, a famous place where a stop for lunch is a must, in the name of genuine Tuscan cuisine and a wine loved throughout the world. The return is another full immersion in gravel trails in the Magona Nature Reserve and the wild Mediterranean scrub that characterise this corner of Tuscany. After woods populated by a few farms, we return to the Provincial Road at Canneto, passing again through the Monterufoli - Caselli Nature Reserve and rejoining the medium- and short-distance route to return to Pomarance along the same course.