The Italian company is a pioneer in the construction and management of geothermal plants in Italy and abroad. From now on it is a partner in the new gravel event conceived by Paolo Bettini, which will take participants to discover the wonders of the "warm heart of Tuscany".

The aim of GeoGravel Tuscany is to promote the Tuscan geothermal area by riding gravel bikes gravel, and who better than Enel Green Power, one of the world leaders in geothermal energy?

Enel Green Power operates 34 geothermal plants in the provinces of Pisa, Grosseto and Siena, which make up the oldest and most innovative geothermal district in the world. 

In Italy, geothermal energy is specific to Tuscany. It is a renewable energy that replaces natural emissions and comes from the heat of the earth, a resource for electricity and heat, but also for other aspects such as sustainable tourism, culture, history and art.

Enel Green Power has decades of experience at the service of a major international development plan. Today, the industrial know-how developed in Tuscany - first with the chemical uses initiated in 1818 by Count De Larderel, then with the five light bulbs lit by Prince Ginori Conti on 4 July 1904, followed by the commissioning of the first geothermal power plant in 1913 - has set standards in many parts of the world, but Tuscany remains the place par excellence that not only preserves geothermal knowledge, but also offers ideal characteristics for creating sustainable development. 

The Geothermal Museum in Larderello, the MuBia (Biancane Museum) in Monterotondo, the Biancane and Fumarole Parks and the Geothermal Food and Wine Chain in the Colline Metallifere Geopark, facing the Tuscan Archipelago, tell this evocative story of Tuscany's oldest and most innovative geothermal district in the world, with 34 power stations in the provinces of Pisa, Grosseto and Siena. 

The almost 6 billion KWh produced in Tuscany cover more than 30% of the region's electricity needs and provide heat for around 10,000 residential and commercial users, as well as an important artisan, agri-food and tourist industry.

This is why Enel Green Power chose to be a partner of GeoGravel Tuscany, as Luca Rossini, the company's Head of Geothermal Energy Italy, explains: "Geothermal energy is the production of renewable energy, thanks to the steam in the Earth's core, but it is also much more: the fascination of this warm core, which releases its energy from the subsoil for the development of the territory, makes it possible to make heat available for many activities, to promote a sustainable tourism that is unique, and to support beautiful initiatives such as GeoGravel Tuscany, which in the national panorama is a candidate to become a model for the fruition of the territory and the discovery of geothermal energy through the renamed grey roads".

Paolo Bettini, the creator of GeoGravel Tuscany, is also at home in this territory. Bettini trained on these roads throughout his professional career, a career that led him to win, among other things, two World Championships and to also be an Olympic medallist. In recent years he has ventured out to explore the dirt roads around Pomarance, where he has discovered a new and extraordinary world: 'When I thought of a gravel event in this area, it was immediately clear to me that geothermal energy should be at the heart of the project, so much so that we immediately decided to call it GeoGravel Tuscany.

This is because the warm heart of Tuscany is truly an extraordinary area, unique in Italy and beyond, a place where nature and human action have combined to perfection, creating a positive match that generates not only energy, but also tourism. This is why I am delighted that Enel Green Power has decided to support us in this adventure, since the GeoGravel Tuscany will pass by several geothermal power plants where participants will be able to admire at close quarters this kind of magic that transforms the earth's heat into energy that is fundamental for everyone's life."

The GeoGravel Tuscany is more than a three-day sporting event, it is a real gravel festival to discover the Colline Metallifere (Metal-bearing Hills) and the Tuscan Geothermal Area.

The event will begin in the afternoon of Friday 22 September with the opening of the GeoVillage at the 'Piazzone', a beautiful space close to the centre of Pomarance that will host the GeoFestival, the beating heart of the entire event, where evening concerts will take place and local food and wine stands and dedicated shops will be set up.

The various rides scheduled for Saturday 23 (Ultra route) and Sunday 24 (Long, Medium and Short routes) will also start from there. 

For the specifics of the four planned routes, the detailed programme and registration procedures, please visit