The second edition of GeoGravel Tuscany - scheduled for 1 and 2 June - is approaching, and what could be better than having the person who took part in it tell us how the first edition went?

Even better if the person in question is a well-known and much-loved face of the Italian public, an actor who in recent years has discovered cycling, becoming not only an assiduous practitioner  but also its ambassador.

Here is GeoGravel Tuscany according to one of our great guests (and friends), Paolo Kessisoglu.


"I'll start by saying the thing that struck me from the start about GeoGravel: last year's experience allowed me to discover an area of Italy - that of the Tuscan geothermal area - I was unaware of. But it is an incredible landscape!

A wild, authentic territory, perfect for gravel.

Living in Milan, I confess that I don't have much opportunity to practice this 'discipline'; time is always short and pushes you to ride your road bike. That is why events of this kind allow you to take that time out of your daily routine to discover alternatives.

The road is performance, whereas gravel is slowness, in the best sense of the word, it leads you to discover new sights, to stop, to enjoy the moment.

We've been friends with Paolo (Bettini, ed.) for many years now, a relationship that began with a passion for cycling but then went beyond that and now leads us to share a whole series of values in which we believe.

That is why it is always a pleasure for me to participate in your initiatives.

And then what can I say, GeoGravel Tuscany is really a party, in every sense, to the point that I must admit that it was not so easy to cycle on Sunday morning after the incredible evening on Saturday.

Another beautiful thing that I found in Pomarance was a magical atmosphere of friendship, in just a few hours a group of friends was formed and we still get in touch to for greetings.

Because the bike has this extraordinary power to act as a glue between people. This is yet another reason why it will be a pleasure to be back at  GeoGravel Tuscany this year.

And you, what are you waiting for?

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