Not only geothermal energy and marvellous landscapes to discover by bicycle: GeoGravel is also a journey into the food and wine excellence of Tuscany.

This is the origin of the partnership between GeoGravel and Locatelli Saline di Volterra, a local company that produces the purest salt in Italy and has a history stretching back thousands of years.

Here men have been extracting salt from the depths of the earth for over 3,000 years and then distributing it all over the world.

Locatelli Saline di Volterra is not only salt production. There is also an exhibition route - where you can enjoy a visit to the salt waterfall in the pavilion designed by Pier Luigi Nervi - and the emporium where you can discover the many products and the various uses of salt: from salt pearls to mother water for beauty and body care, to tasty salt beer.

Locatelli Saline di Volterra have chosen to be alongside GeoGravel Tuscany because healthy and balanced living has always been a fundamental part of the company's DNA and because cycling is an excellent means of developing tourism in the area.

Excellent like the salt produced by Locatelli Saline di Volterra, 99.99% pure.