Giovanni, you rode on the Strade Grigie of geothermal energy last year, right? Were you familiar with this territory?

"No, I must confess that it was my first time there. 

I only knew the Siena area of Tuscany, so exploring the Volterra and Pomarance area was a great discovery, and I must say that I was very fascinated by geothermal energy... what can I say, Tuscany never fails.

Then there was also a lot of pedalling, on a bike you can see the territory much better, it's made for discovering, looking around.

The only regret I have is not having done the Ultra route, but I want to come back and try it again to enjoy the experience 100%."


We know that you've been a big fan of bikes for a few years now, can you tell us about your relationship with cycling?

"I work like this: after winter I come out of hibernation and start cycling. 

I cycle from March to October, once a week I take the whole day off and enjoy it.

My relationship with cycling started a little at a time and then grew more and more. 

When I worked at the seaside during the summer season, on my days off I would take my bicycle and set off, discovering the coast, the hinterland, pedalling alone for hours on end. That's when my passion started and now it's like a drug, I can't do without it anymore."


Do you prefer road bikes or gravel bikes for your outings?

"I have both a gravel and a road bike.

My relationship with gravel came about by chance. Some time ago, during the Covid period, my old MTB had been stolen. When I went to the shop to buy the same one again, they told me that they only had a gravel bike available at that time, so I trusted them and bought it.

From there it was something new, a world opened up to me.

So yes, I also have the road bike but I definitely prefer the gravel, for the safety it guarantees outside of traffic, for the slowness it suggests, without thinking about performance.

The problem with cycling in Italy is that there isn't much culture about road safety, and until things change I feel much more comfortable cycling in the country. 

Although I must admit that cycling through the fields I have had a few unpleasant encounters with Maremma shepherds, for now I have always managed to escape in time..."


Last question. Will you return to GeoGravel Tuscany this year?

"I would like to, also because I want to try the famous Ultra route.

At that time I will be on tour, but I am already meditating on taking those two days off and dropping by Pomarance on 1 and 2 June."

GeoGravel Tuscany is more than just a two-day sporting event. It is a real gravel festival, an event about discovering the Colline Metallifere and Tuscan geothermal energy.

The event begins on Friday 31st May in the afternoon with the inauguration of the GeoVillage in the Piazzone. This beautiful space, close to the centre of Pomarance (PI), will be the venue for the GeoFestival, the heart of the event. This is where you can enjoy the concerts in the evening. You will also find stands selling local food and wine and speciality shops.

This is also the starting point for the various rides: the Ultra route on Saturday 1st June and the Short, Medium and Long routes on Sunday 2nd June.