Le Strade Grigie of GeoGravel Tuscany

The Tuscan hinterland is full of surprises, especially here, in what they call the Devil's Valley, for that seething earth that inspired even Dante Alighieri in the writing of his Inferno. Among the maritime pines and the Mediterranean scrub, paths wind their way, unknown to tourists, connecting ancient villages passing through no man's land, where human presence is very rare and Nature still dictates its primordial laws. They are called 'Grey Roads' precisely because of the particular composition of the soil that gives them their typical colour and tells of the geothermal soul of the Metalliferous Hills. 

The enchantment of the nature reserves
Mirrors of crystal-clear water lost amidst unspoilt woods where the Mediterranean sea tells its most rugged and wild side. A still partly unexplored landscape of rare beauty where verdant pools of water and suggestive waterfalls make the visitor feel like a pioneer of 19th-century exploration.  

Pomarance and the charm of ancient Tuscan villages
Perched on the hills, dominating the wild enchantment of the Tuscan hinterland, the villages of the Val di Cecina have remained virtually untouched in their charm and history. Pomarance - the beating heart of GeoGravel Tuscany - is a true example of Italian artistic culture. Long disputed by the bishops of Volterra, it houses a house-museum representing a cross-section of 19th-century bourgeois life, as well as two theatres and the Pieve di San Giovanni Battista, where Pomarancio’s precious painting of the Annunciation is kept.

Geothermal energy, the secrets of underground energy
Boraciferous fumaroles, geysers and lagoons are the fascinating protagonists of an area devoted to clean energy. The heat coming from the subsoil is a sustainable resource that has prompted businesses to invest in this natural treasure, demonstrating the incredible potential of geothermal heat.

In these places where nature, culture and beauty come together, the bicycle - in its gravel variant  - is the perfect means of discovering new glimpses of an area that is yet to be discovered.