GeoGravel Tuscany is just around the corner and it is time to take a closer look at the four routes.

Everyone will set off and finish from Piazzone di Pomarance, the event's headquarters, with the short, medium and long distances scheduled for the morning of Sunday 2nd June and the Ultra for the afternoon of Saturday 1st June. 

Whichever route you choose, it will be an adventure to discover a unique, wild and extraordinary territory.


Short (46 km - 1000 metres d+) 

With about 15 kilometres of gravel tracks through woods and geothermal power plants, the GeoGravel Tuscany 2024 short course is an intense walk through the warm heart of Tuscany. 

Between gravel roads and picturesque lanes, the route crosses the Monterufoli Natural Reserve, 4828 hectares of woods and waterfalls in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills. 

The protagonists are the villages of Libbiano and Serrazzano (where you can stop for refreshment at the "Il Bersagliere" bar), small medieval gems where you can immerse yourself in history and experience the evocative and mysterious Tuscan hinterland, as well as discovering the land dedicated to geothermal energy.


Medium (77 km - 1500 m d+)

The Medio route is an adventure in itself. Discover corners far from civilisation and villages crystallised in time, with almost 25 kilometres of dirt road.  

Between paths that cut through the woods of nature reserves and roads with olive groves on either side, where ancient farmsteads pop up, 

The star of the show is the charming village of Querceto, where Italian history is intertwined with that of a great family, told through the wine that has been produced here for generations. 

As with the Corto, the route passes through Serrazzano, where you can stop for refreshments at the Bersagliere bar, before reaching Lardello and the last few kilometres to Pomarance.

A unique experience that will enchant the gravel lover with its potential, the landscape and the fascination of geothermal energy coming from the heart of the earth.


Long (110 km 2500 m d+)

With over 45 kilometres of gravel, the Long GeoGravel Tuscany route is a romantic challenge between Mother Nature and her explorers. 

The whole route is passable and the only difficulties are in some of the steeper stretches or the stretches of gravel in some places. Between the Strade Grigie (grey roads) that cross the hinterland towards the sea, the route crosses several nature reserves and a large part of the most unexplored territory of the Val di Cecina. 

The turning point of this adventure is undoubtedly Bolgheri, a worldwide reference point for Tuscan culture and excellent wines such as Ornellaia and Sassicaia. The ancient village, made famous by the poet Giosuè Carducci, is built around a medieval castle surrounded by vineyards and is a privileged place for a tasty break between one dirt track and another. 

You can stop for refreshments at the Vapori di Birra brewery in Sasso Pisano, before tackling the last 25km to Pomarance. 

Ten hours in the saddle to get back in touch with the most authentic part of nature, among the scents of the Mediterranean maquis and the salty air coming from the sea.


Ultra (240 km 5400 m d+)  

The Geogravel Ultra itinerary is dedicated to the most daring and experienced gravel riders who are looking for an emotional experience and an adventure in close contact with wild nature. With two hundred and forty kilometres mapped out between the Etruscan Coast and the Siena area, starting from Pomarance on Saturday at 16:00.

It will be divided into two loops, the first of which will go almost as far as Siena, returning to Pomarance in time for those who wish to take part in the GeoParty on Saturday 1st June. The second round will follow the long course on Sunday 2 June. 

More than 100 kilometres of unpaved roads characterise this route, making the unique atmosphere of these hills even more fascinating. Some of the most beautiful routes include the passage through the historic Ornellaia vineyards - where the world-famous wine of the same name is produced - the total immersion in the Berignone Nature Reserve and the Passo dell'Incrociati, where you can enjoy the view of the Colle di Val d'Elsa and Siena. 

More than fifteen hours in the saddle, come face to face with the most authentic soul of Tuscany, dedicated to daring off-road expeditions.

GeoGravel Tuscany is more than a two-day sporting event. It is a real gravel festival, an event to discover the Colline Metallifere and Tuscan geothermal energy.

The event begins on Friday 31st May in the afternoon with the inauguration of the GeoVillage in the Piazzone. This beautiful space, close to the centre of Pomarance (PI), will host the GeoFestival, the heart of the event. Here you can enjoy an evening of concerts. You will also find stalls selling local food and wine as well as various speciality shops.

This is also the starting point for the various rides: the Ultra route on Saturday 1st June and the Short, Medium and Long routes on Sunday 2nd June.