The Tuscan DJ and producer will be the guest of honour at the GeoFestival in Pomarance on Saturday 23rd September for an evening of party, music and fun.

As well as being an internationally renowned DJ and a hugely successful producer, Tuscan Federico Scavo is also a great cycling fan. A personal friend of riders, such as Paolo Bettini, Fausto Masnada and Filippo Ganna, Federico rides as often as he can, between one concert and the next, to relax his mind and body, while he is doing it. 

Who better than him can animate the Geo Gravel Tuscany party?

On the evening of Saturday 23rd, he will be the great protagonist of the party organised in the Piazzone in Pomarance, for two hours of music that will cheer up not only those registered for the event, but also all the people who want to enjoy an evening of pure fun.

Federico is back from his summer tour, which saw him perform on stages all over Europe, as he himself says:

"For me, this is an extra date between the summer and winter tour, a treat I decided to do because of my passion for music and cycling.

I've been cycling for a few years now and it's been a revelation: I wish I'd known about cycling before, because it's fantastic. 

I try to ride whenever I can, even when I am on tour, because cycling has allowed me to get in shape and to discover incredible places around my home that I had previously ignored.

Cycling has also given me the opportunity to meet champions like Paolo Bettini, but also great riders like Albanese, Ganna, Masnada, who have written to tell me that they listen to my songs before the races".

In Pomarance, DJ Federico Scavo will bring all his most famous songs, interspersed with his most famous Italian songs and remixes from the 90s. Save the date on Saturday 23rd September at 22:00 in the Piazzone of Pomarance for an unprecedented remix between cycling and music, offered to all by the first edition of GeoGravel Tuscany. GeoGravel Tuscany is more than just a three-day sporting event, it is a real gravel festival to discover the Colline Metallifere and Tuscan geothermal energy.

The event will begin on Friday 22nd September in the afternoon with the inauguration of the GeoVillage in the "Piazzone" - a beautiful area near the centre of Pomarance - which will host the GeoFestival, the heart of the whole event, where the evening concerts will take place and local food and wine stalls as well as delicatessen shops will be set up.

It will also be the starting point for the various rides planned for Saturday 23 (Ultra route) and Sunday 24 (Long, Medium and Short routes). 

For details of the four planned routes, the full programme and to register, visit