Gravel is therefore not asphalt

Gravel is therefore not asphalt, but neither is an excessively rough path.
It is not a racing bike, but neither is it a mtb.
In the end then, this gravel, what is it?
It is precisely everything in between.

It is new territory, the frontiers of which have yet to be discovered.
It's a trip with friends on roads behind the house, but whose existence was previously unknown.
It is a journey of 200, 500, 1000 or more kilometres that one has dreamed of all one's life.
It is the freedom of not having to limit yourself to one terrain or another: it is the possibility of being able to go wherever you want, continue for another hour on asphalt or turn off at the first trail, find a nice clearing where you can pitch your tent and enjoy the evening with whoever you have next to you.

Gravel is a style of cycling, a new way of cycling, indeed of living, that has a very simple principle. Freedom.