Your GeoGravel Tuscany

The second edition of GeoGravel Tuscany, scheduled for 1st and 2nd June, is approaching and to prepare ourselves in the best possible way, we thought we'd let the participants of the first event, the forerunners of this geothermal adventure in Tuscany, have their say..


"Last summer we took part in the Dolomiti Gravel and met Paolo Bettini, who told us about this new event," says Ilario.

"At that point we said, why not? It's not every day a two-time world champion invites you. We embarked on an adventure from our Friuli, without great expectations, but I must say that I was immediately struck by an air of familiarity and an element of sharing that prevailed in the Piazzone di Pomarance, and also by the organisation, especially considering that it was the first edition. The route was very well thought out, with two loops that made it possible to return in the evening to enjoy the party and then leave again. And then the landscape: I didn't know anything about the geothermal area at all and it was a wonderful discovery. When we came back from the first loop at about 9 o'clock on Saturday night, we passed a steam vent which appeared seemingly out of nowhere, in the dark, it was exciting. Something else I remember is that during the night, when we were on the second leg of the route, we came across a house in the forest with a light on. We stopped, knocked on the door and had a coffee with the foresters who were inside. These are the encounters that only an adventure like this can give you. This year - as we have already signed up for the second edition, of course - I definitely want to stop halfway and enjoy the festival, maybe with the whole family. And another reason I have to come back well, two, in fact. Firstly, to enjoy the sausage sandwich I couldn't eat because my companion wanted to leave immediately, and secondly, to return a favour to Paolo Bettini.

Last year, when he arrived, he offered me a nice cold beer; in 2024 I want to do the same".


His adventure companion Paolo Riva agrees:

"We loved the first edition, the thrill of running at night, a journey into the silence and into those magical areas. Just as it was magical, in its own way, to pass under the finish banner on Sunday morning and cross Paolo, who was setting off on the Medio route. Cycling alone is nice, but cycling in twos is a different kind of journey because you share everything, the tiredness, the sleep, the landscapes. You never give up, it's hard, of course, but above all it's a pleasure to face it with a friend, with the enthusiasm that makes us act like children again. With this type of experience, everyone looks for what they want, but I have found something in the priceless spirit of sharing, which is one of the greatest gifts  the bike leaves with you.

That's why we're coming back to GeoGravel Tuscany this year, not alone this time but with other friends.”

And you, what are you waiting for?

Join Ilario and Paolo and register for GeoGravel Tuscany 2024!