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GeoGravel is first and foremost a way of life that our partners embody in the most authentic way by cycling without missing a single one of the sensations that the bike gives: long rides with breaks in typical places, a glass of wine or a sip of beer, unspoilt landscapes as a backdrop for daily adventures.

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Our partners prefer sharing to competition, the beauty of a ride with friends of which they savour every moment - breaks included - to a race against time.

Because for them, as for us, time is relative: what really counts is how you experience it. 

If you also share these values and would like to become part of this family, you will find our contact details below. 

We look forward to having you among us, so that together we can discover new unbeaten tracks.

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GG Expo village

Sponsors will have an exhibition space at the Geovillage where they can present their brand philosophy and products to the public during the three-day event

Would you like to organise team building with your company?

Cycling is a team sport in which everyone has their own role but competes for a single purpose. Sharing the effort of a climb, the exhilaration of a descent or a panorama that suddenly opens up on the horizon is what builds the strength of every professional team day by  day.
And if it works for top cyclists, couldn't it work for other companies as well?
Thanks to this extraordinary team-building experience, participants - accompanied by a champion like Paolo Bettini - will have the opportunity to pedal for a day immersed in the exceptional Tuscan territory to experience the charm of its dirt roads, the flavours and aromas of its food and wine, and the unique emotion of feeling part of a group riding cohesively in the same, memorable direction.

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