From the dream of a rainbow champion

It all started the day Paolo Bettini discovered that gravel cycling would open up horizons for him that he had never seen before in an area he knew like the back of his hand. Paths he had never ridden, little roads through the woods, remote farmhouses, breathtaking views. Itineraries without a destination that make the journey surprising. From that moment, the idea was born to share these sensations with friends - and then with all those who love to cycle - thanks to a format that could combine landscape, culture and food in an extraordinary way.


Cycling as a life style

For us, cycling is more than just a sport, it's a way of life. The sense of belonging, discovery, adventure and sharing are the aspects we love most and the best part of it all is that gravel manages to unite them all in one outing. The GeoGravel is our way of experiencing cycling, free and without too many plans because the real fun is when you let yourself mess up your plans and open yourself up to the unexpected.