Le Strade Grigie of GeoGravel Tuscany

Paths that seem straight out of a fantasy saga, discovering them by bike is an adventure.

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<p><strong>Le Strade Grigie of GeoGravel Tuscany</strong></p>

The dream of a champion who discovered the thrill of slowness

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<p><b>The dream of a champion who discovered the thrill of slowness</b></p>

GeoGravel Tuscany, good first shot

Gravellers from all over Italy took part in the first edition of the event conceived by Paolo Bettini

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<p><strong>GeoGravel Tuscany, good first shot</strong></p>

Tuscany - le strade grigie

Inspired by the wild beauty of the Metalliferous Hills, this is a journey into the heart of geothermal territory, among lunar landscapes, roads unknown to civilisation and woods that seem to come straight out of a Brothers Grimm’s tale. For the first time on these screens, a breathtaking adventure, discovering a Tuscany never seen before.  

1 / 2 June 2024

GeoGravel Edition Two


 |  46.0 km


 |  77.0 km


 |  110.0 km


 |  250.0 km

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